Securing Your Cloud Presence

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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Cloud Compliance


Identify the shared, inherited, and customer specific controls and demonstrate how you can leverage your product line to meet security and compliance objectives.

Maintain a unified source or framework of governance, risk and compliance information for how cloud services are utilized.

Deploy continuous monitoring of both technical and nontechnical cloud compliance requirements. This should also include corporate governance, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance controls.


Automate manual compliance functions through integration with your current workflows, and configurations.

Automate the compliance validation as much as possible. Implement real-time alerting mechanisms for control failures with defined playbooks on how to respond to compliance failures from third-party providers.


Provide continuous assurance to verify the successful implementation of controls.

Develop executive and operational dashboards to provide visibility into cloud compliance statuses.

Ensure that you can continuously synchronize new cloud services and capabilities with regulatory compliance requirement

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